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Salome Margvelashvili

Country Ambassador of Georgia

My name is Salome Margvelashvili and I am from Georgia. Currently, I am a project organizer at The Georgian Civil Activism Centre and working on human right issues in my country. I became an activist and started working on social issues in Georgia four years ago, and since then I’ve participated and worked on problems like human rights, children‘s health, the environment, and regional development. In my opinion, working on these kinds of social issues with other motivated civil activists will have a great result in raising the level of social responsibility of Georgian people. I strongly believe that a high level of social responsibility will be a huge step for my country to develop faster. I am truly happy to become an Ambassador for my country and to make something really valuable through Awareness 360.

Ayah Tafesh

Country Ambassador of Palestine

My name is Ayah Tafesh, I am 21, currently a student at Al-Azhar University- Gaza, a 3rd year English Literature student. I am interested in sociology and women’s issues. I wish to make a positive change in my community through implementing empowerment programs that target spreading awareness for women and society in general.”
Welcome to the Awareness Army, Ayah!

Marie Laure Jatsa

Country Ambassador of Cameroon

“My name is Marie Laure Jatsa and I am from Cameroon. I currently study Health Science at Canterbury Christ Church University. Humanitarian work has always been my passion since I worked for the UNHCR and the GIZ and Renata. I would like to make a positive change in my community by raising awareness on Breast Ironing in Cameroon, empower hound teenage mothers, fighting against rape and incest, preventing transmission from mothers to newborns.”

Abdifatah Ahmed Hersi

Country Ambassador of Somalia

My name is Abdifatah Ahmed Hersi and I am from Somalia. I am excited to be a part of the Awareness 360 family. My goal is to help the refugees coming to Somalia and those who are already there by finding their necessary social needs. I hope to contribute towards solving the issues around the refugee crisis.

Tanatsiwa Monalisa Chitsama

Country Ambassador of Zimbabwe

My name is Tanatsiwa Monalisa Chitsama. I am Zimbabwean and I live in Zimbabwe. I am a Health Sciences student at Africa University studying Health Services Management. I am also an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) student. I am passionate about humanitarian work and it’s an interest I recently discovered that I want to explore. I was looking for a platform where I can present my ideas that can lead to the betterment of African lives. I want to restore the human dignity that I feel has been stripped off Africans especially women. I am looking forward to working with Awareness 360 and feeling excited as it marks the beginning of my career.

Shubham Gaba

Country Ambassador of India

This is Shubham Gaba. I belong to Karnal, a city in the Haryana state of India.
I shifted to Chandigarh to do my undergraduate degree where I got the chance to work in Enactus Chapter. I went on to become the president of the Chapter and led a team of 104 members working for 459 underprivileged people. I also worked as a Board member of the Rotaract Club in Chandigarh. I am currently pursuing my post-graduation at IIM Kozhikode.
I have a strong belief in my problem-solving skill. Being self-driven, striving for excellence and respect for others are the gems that I have always valued in my life. I have never let any circumstances in my life to limit my ambitions.
My areas of interest are Agriculture and Sanitation. I want to work in agriculture sector because I believe that there is a lot of untapped potential lying in this sector, especially in India where productivity is very low.
I am really thankful to Awareness 360 for this opportunity and providing me with the platform with the like-minded yet diverse set of people undertaking some social cause.

Nurul Jannah

Country Ambassador of Malaysia

My name is Nurul Jannah. I hold this principle that I should accept other people’s beliefs and way of life, even if they are very different from your own. For me, the key to happiness and success is respecting one another. This is the best way to start kick off a harmonious environment. 

Cyberbullying, racism, just naming a few issues that are very critical today. Many people are hurt and feel left out of the public because of these issues. I will be working on awareness campaigns in this scope. It will be great if more people are AWARE of this and try to make a DIFFERENCE. Hand in hand WE can make this world a better place.

Hira Ambreen

Country Ambassador of Pakistan

I am Hira Ambreen, a student of Public Administration at the University of Karachi. I realized how much my community needs to improve and I stand to make things work better. Particularly, I want to educate my community members about road safety and also establish green and clean Pakistan. Promoting recycling and waste management is also on my agenda. I’m looking forward to raising awareness about these issues and bringing the change through Awareness 360.

Li Dan

Country Ambassador of China

Hi, this is Li Dan. I am from Xianyang, Shaanxi and I just completed my high school from Secondary School of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. I am very passionate about working on education for the poor children in my province. I am very excited to work as a part of Awareness 360. This will give me a platform to do community service, as well as develop my public speaking and English language skills. I am honored to represent China in this global network.

Hamse Bashe

Country Ambassador of Somaliland

My name is Hamse Bashe and I am from Somaliland. I completed my first degree at Gollis University in Somaliland. I have been working at Somaliland Road Development agency as a site supervisor for the past two years. I am a passionate activist, willing to work towards achieving the SDGs particularly eradicating poverty and hunger, through the amazing platform of Awareness 360.”

Yasmine Daïk

Country Ambassador of France

Yasmine Daïk is an optimistic biotechnology engineering student at Sup’Biotech located in Paris suburb. Currently, in her third year, she dreams of building her own cosmetic company. As a huge fan of personal development, she likes to get out of her comfort zone and meet people from diverse backgrounds. She is always ready to have a cup of coffee and talk about the universe. As she is an idealist, she would love to join Awareness 360 to add her sparkle to the team.