World Water Day is observed globally on 22 March every year. This day reminds us to spotlight our concentration on the significance of freshwater and all its aspects. In 2019, the theme was

“Leaving no one behind.”

In observance of this day, team Awareness 360 reached out to Dighiborabo, Rupganj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh and delivered a WASH Talk, raising awareness among the community members including factory workers, farmers, day laborers and their families. Topics covered were the importance of water, water borne diseases and prevention, water purification techniques, etc. We told them not to do any discrimination while sharing water as they live in a colony with people from different religious backgrounds. We tried to deliver the message that Water is a human right, and we should abandon no one when it comes to providing access to water.

We are grateful to PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency and UN Water for sharing their WWD contents with us. Shout out to our core member Amimul Ehsan Khan for leading this well-needed project!

Let’s make water accessible for all.

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